Wi-Fi 7: What to expect from the new generation?

Wi-Fi 7: What to expect from the new generation?

Wi-Fi 7 is coming, and with it, a series of novelties that impact AP equipment’s functioning (Access Point – Wi-Fi modem).

In this new generation, the focus will be on improving connection speed and latency, something that is obviously important for more demanding online activities. Wi-Fi 6 has already solved the problem of performance drops according to the number of connected devices. Thus, in its seventh version, Wi-Fi will considerably increase speed and resolve the issue of interference from other nearby wireless networks.

The protocol development should be completed in 2023 or 2024, and soon this standard will be operating on these devices.

Technical data (Benefits): 

– Based on the P802.11be standard;

– Transfer rate of at least 30 Gbps;

– Very low latency;

– More efficient use of available spectrum;

– Significantly improve connection reliability and stability;

– Increased maximum single channel bandwidth from 160 MHz (Wi-Fi 6/6E) to 320 MHz.



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André Carletti Technical Manager NCC Group/ Bureau Veritas