Open-RAN Networks – The Future of Internet Networks

Open-RAN Networks – The Future of Internet Networks

The future of part of Internet networks will definitely follow a path of access democratization. It will no longer depend on large manufacturers that supply telecommunications equipment with closed access codes.

5G Technology, due to its high performance that allows high-speed connections, is undoubtedly the gateway to new technologies. Open-RAN will be the path that can make this high-speed access more democratic, enabling open codes and interoperability between products on the Telecommunications Operator’s network.  

What is Open-RAN:

Open-RAN (Open Radio Access Networks) is a movement that tries to democratize parts of the telecommunications network, thus not depending on large telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

It is a new architecture for network infrastructures that use an open and unified standard, regardless of hardware or software manufacturer.

One of the goals of the Open-RAN movement is to establish an architecture that evolves cellular networks into open and intelligent RAN while meeting 3GPP standards.

With Open-RAN, operators could deploy networks with some combination of remote, distributed, and central unit providers.  

Open-RAN in Brazil:

Currently, the debate on implementing Open-RAN networks in Brazil is being conducted by ANATEL (National Telecommunications Agency), where all standardization, interoperability guidelines, economic aspects, etc., are being defined. This study group has participation in several sectors, such as Educational Institutions, Telecommunications Operators, Certification Bodies, Laboratories, and Manufacturers of telecommunications products.

Parallel to these studies, some Telecom Operators already conduct preparation and acceptance tests in their laboratories using Open-RAN with BBU (Base Band Unit) and RRU (Remote Radio Unit).  

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André Carletti (Technical Manager – NCC Group, a Bureau Veritas Company)