Restricted radiation equipment – What is it?

Restricted radiation equipment – What is it?

Do you have any idea what Restricted Radiation Equipment is? Do you know what it means? Their purpose?

Today, restricted radiation equipment represents a huge range of products with different purposes in our daily lives, helping us in various functions. 

These devices transmit radio frequency signals with very low transmission power and shall meet stricter criteria and limits so as not to cause interference in other systems that operate in Brazil in priority (Ex: cell phones).  

Remote keys, open and close controls (gate, cars, etc.), wireless mouse and keyboard, remote control systems, audio systems (microphones, baby monitors, etc.), periodic operation devices, sensors, etc., are examples of this type of product.   

As the name implies, restricted radiation! They are products prohibited from causing interference in any telecommunications systems. Hence the importance of certification for all these products. 

Stay tuned and check that all these devices in your daily life are homologated by ANATEL. Buy homologated products.