Certification of whirlpool baths

Certification of whirlpool baths

Whirlpool baths provide a distinctive comfort to relax the body and mind.


There are many benefits to whirlpool, such as:

  • Relief from joint pain, such as arthritis and arthrosis;
  • Reducing swelling in the joints, legs, and feet;
  • Improved circulation by increasing the heartbeat, causing the heart to pump more blood through the body, acting as a moderate physical exercise;
  • Muscle relaxation, relieving headaches and backaches, for example, which are usually caused by muscle tension;
  • Treating injuries, bruises, and sprains;
  • Therapy for osteoporosis;
  • Skin cleansing;
  • Reducing mental stress by releasing endorphins — a hormone related to good mood, which has an anti-aging effect by helping to eliminate free radicals;
  • Weight loss. The action of whirlpool on the lymphatic system stimulates the drainage of liquids in the tissues, helping to deflate limbs such as the legs and feet and may influence weight loss;
  • Improved sleep quality. Relaxation is the most significant benefit of whirlpool. After a busy day of stress and worries, a relaxing bath is the best alternative for a peaceful and long-lasting night’s sleep.

Before choosing a bathtub, you should measure the space available in your bathroom. With the measurements in hand, you can choose the most compatible product for your home. Equally important is to check the conformity stamp issued by a Conformity Assessment Body accredited by Cgcre/Inmetro, meeting the criteria established in Inmetro Ordinance No. 148/2022.

NCC Certificações is accredited by Cgcre/Inmetro to carry out conformity assessment (certification) of these products: https://poolrescue.com.br/7-beneficios-da-hidromassagem-que-voce-nao-conhecia/


Inmetro Ordinance No. 115/2022