Advantages of IECEx Certification

Advantages of IECEx Certification

Ex Equipment can be found at:

  • Automotive refueling stations or gas stations;
  • Oil refineries, platforms, and processing plants;
  • Chemical processing facilities;
  • Printing, paper, and textile industries;
  • Surgical centers for hospitals;
  • Refueling of aircraft and hangars;
  • Surface coating industries;
  • Underground coal mines;
  • Sewage treatment plants;
  • Gas pipelines and distribution centers;
  • Grain handling and storage;
  • Areas with work and handling of wood;
  • Sugar refineries;
  • Food processing;
  • Grinding of metal surfaces, especially aluminum powder, and particles.

The IECEx system offers the following:

  • reduced testing and certification costs for manufacturers;
  • reduced time to market;
  • international confidence in the product and conformity assessment process;
  • an international database of certificates;
  • confidence in equipment and services covered by IECEx certification worldwide.

IECEx in harmony with the Brazilian Certification System

  • Both use international standards – IEC
  • They establish the same consistent and adequate conformity assessment criteria
  • Allows the use of test reports conducted within the IECEx System
  • This means that the certification results of equipment, conducted by the IECEx System, can be used to issue a national certificate (Ordinance 179/2010)


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Material subject to amendment(s) in case of change in the ordinance(s). Published: 11.26.21