NCC’s differential is competence and technical experience in all conformity assessment activities, considering the quality, safety, and performance of Smartworld devices and electronic equipment.


The National Accreditation Organization (ONA, in the Portuguese acronym) is a non-profit institution responsible for the development and management of health safety and quality standards in Brazil;

ONA’s safety and quality methodology is internationally recognized by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).


The National Accreditation Organization (ONA) is responsible for developing and managing Brazilian standards of quality and safety in health.

Accreditation is a system for assessing the quality of health services based on predefined criteria. The process is voluntary; that is, the institution expresses interest in being evaluated. After accreditation, health services continue to be assessed periodically throughout the certificate’s validity period.


Concepts and levels


ONA Standards

The ONA standards can be adopted and assessed by the following types of healthcare providers:

  • Hospital Services;
  • Hemotherapy Services;
  • Laboratory Services;
  • Nephrology Services and Renal Replacement Therapy;
  • Diagnostic Imaging, Radiotherapy, and Nuclear Medicine Services;
  • Ambulatory Services;
  • Emergency Services;
  • Home Care Services;
  • Oncology Services;
  • Hyperbaric Medicine Services;
  • Pathological Anatomy Services;
  • Primary Health Care Services;
  • Pre-Hospital Care Services and Inter-hospital Transport;
  • Dental Services;
  • Telemedicine Services.


Assessment Flow



Development of a Differentiated Management System for the Health area based on the following:

Quantitative Benefits

  • processes improvement
  • Management by indicators
  • Cost reduction
  • Search for efficiency
  • Continuous improvement
  • Management tool


Qualitative Benefits

  • Increased quality of service
  • Responsibility and commitment to safe care
  • continuous professional development
  • Prepared to absorb market trends


Qualitative Benefits