Quality is the nature of our essence. It is the transformation driving the pursuit of our goals. The first step towards efficient growth. It is what makes us achieve the essential: Value the best singularities. The innovation in constant motion, helping the world to be more. Safer, more efficient, productive, and sustainable. What makes us grow step by step in harmony with the people around us. Always looking forward, certifying, and performing. We are a brand that evolves without losing meaning. That transforms, that grows. Our essence qualifies, generates leadership, and brings security


We are the Net Connection Corporation, but you can call us NCC. A certification body founded in 1994 in the city of Los Angeles, USA and which since 1999 operates in Brazil as NCC Certificações do Brasil, accredited by Cgcre as Product Certification Body (OCP), System Certification Body (OCS), and Certification Body for Health Product Management Systems (OMD) and as a Certification Body Designed by Anatel for the certification of telecommunications products.

We believe that being one of the main agents in each of our segments leads to healthy growth paths, ensuring quality and safety, not only internally, but to help and develop solutions for all employees, customers, and society. Our global success is one of our most valuable assets and is reflected in our values and code of ethics. These are the main reasons why Bureau Veritas came together. Reinforcing our unity and cohesion, helping to promote our profitable growth strategy. NCC Certificações do Brasil is a certification body accredited by Cgcre. We assess the technical conformity of products and services following current standards and resolutions under the guidelines established in ABNT ISO/IEC 17065 and ABNT ISO/IEC 17021-1, impartially and objectively.

Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

To be the leader in our business and one of the leading players in each of our segments and key geographic markets.

Our Mission

Generate economic value for our customers through quality, safety, environment, and health management applied to their assets, projects, products, and processes, resulting in training and certification for operation, risk reduction, and performance improvement.

Our Values

Our Group’s global success is based on its solid reputation. This, in turn, constitutes one of our most valuable assets and is reflected both in our values and in our Code of Ethics. These values, shared by all, are the main reasons why Bureau Veritas came together. They reinforce our unity and cohesion and help drive our profitable growth strategy. The central values “integrity and ethics” and “impartiality and independence” were the focal point of the work carried out in 2003 under the leadership of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA), which led to the elaboration of our first Code of Ethics, published in October 2003.

We are a company of the Bureau Veritas group

Bureau Veritas is an international group, founded in 1828, dedicated to providing conformity assessment and certification services, which today operates as a world leader in Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC), offering worldwide a wide range of personalized certification and auditing services in the areas of Quality, Health, and Safety, Environment, Social Responsibility, and others. Our trusted partner.

“Bureau Veritas offers innovative solutions beyond simple compliance with regulations and standards, reducing risks, improving performance, and promoting sustainable development.” – Bureau Veritas.

Together, we are prepared to anticipate market trends and customer demands for comprehensive, integrated, value-added, and international services.

Quality Policy quality, safety, and environment:

Continuously innovating is part of our best feature, quality!

NCC Certificações do Brasil is committed to complying with current legislation applicable to its area of activity, considering the needs and expectations of our customers and regulatory bodies, as well as the continuous improvement of our processes, maintaining impartiality in its activities.

NCC Certificações do Brasil is committed to:

Comply – Legislation, standards, requirements, and rules of the scopes we are accredited. Consider – The needs and expectations of our customers and regulatory bodies. Continuous improvement of our processes. Maintain impartiality.


Corporate Taxpayer’s ID (CNPJ): 04.192.889/0001-07 Av. Orosimbo Maia, 360, Room 111 Campinas/SP – CEP: 13010-211 qualidade@ncc.com.br+55 19 3731.6990

NCC Ltda.

Corporate Taxpayer’s ID (CNPJ): 16.587.151/0001-28 Av. Orosimbo Maia, 360, Room 101 Campinas/SP – CEP: 13010-211 qualidade@ncc.com.br +55 19 2517.9600