Where do you buy toys?

Where do you buy toys?

Christmas is coming, and then you think of giving a toy to your son, nephew, or cousin or even donating in the famous “Christmas Letters to Santa Claus.” Knowing where you buy toys is very important, and we emphasize the importance of a toy with an Inmetro stamp.

We at NCC Certificações take this very seriously regarding toys, and we are accredited for this scope; that is, we can certify them!

So, here are some items that are assessed during the certification process:

Product material, to check the toxicity because the child, depending on the age, takes the toy in the mouth a lot;

If there are parts that are easy to come off, the classification of the toy by age;

If there are parts with sharp edges;

If the toy can present some degree of flammability;

If the toy has any transmission technology, it shall also be certified by ANATEL;

If all safety instructions are available in our language;

If there are any proper instructions for the toy; among others.


To read the items in full, please visit:



You can also learn more about the importance of certification at the link below:


Sinmac (Inmetro System of Consumer Accident Monitoring) presented reports of accidents recorded in 2020, where toys ranked second, with 9.2% of accidents.

To find out if the product is already certified, check the toy packaging, as it is mandatory to have the certification stamp.

See the labels and stamps you should look for on the packages: 




Beware of informal trade and clandestine manufacturers, as it is very likely that these places have uncertified toys.

If there is any question, we are here to help you; take care of the people you love and buy toys with the Inmetro stamp. 

Material subject to amendment(s) in case of change in the ordinance(s). Published: 12.14.20