New Ordinance for Household Appliances No. 148/2022

New Ordinance for Household Appliances No. 148/2022

In May, NCC held a workshop on the new ordinance for household appliances. Below are some of the points covered.

Topics covered

1 – Why was there a change?

2 – Changes in the certificate validity

3 – Changes in the conformity identification stamp

4 – Changes in the test standard versions

5 – Addition of documents requested in the process

6 – Handling of complaints

7 – Acceptance of reports already issued is no longer allowed

8 – My process is in progress, what does this impact?  

Why was there a change?

The former Ordinance No. 371 was issued in 2009. Since this issuance, several ordinances have been issued to add, clarify items, and even correct misinterpretations.

In addition to consolidating all this, Inmetro intended to adjust understandings that were still dubious between OCPs, importers, and manufacturers and adjust this ordinance to also follow the General Requirements of Product Certification (RGCP) of Ordinance No. 200/2021.

In addition, this “consolidation” was used to update reference standards that were obsolete in the former ordinances.  

Changes in the certificate validity

In the former Ordinance No. 371, there needed to be more information about the certificate validity. Therefore, NCC understood that three years was enough for the process to be updated and, accordingly, conduct the recertification.

The new Ordinance No. 148 established that the certificate shall be valid for six years.

The adjustment will be made from the date of issuance of the certificate in the subsequent process follow-up.

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