Keep Your Eyes Out This Winter – Gas Heater Certification

Keep Your Eyes Out This Winter – Gas Heater Certification

In winter, the demand for instant-type or storage-type gas water heaters increases significantly and ensures a bath with hot water.

Therefore, we are here to alert you: Look for those certificated by Inmetro!

Only those with the conformity stamp follow the requirements approved and duly registered with the regulatory body.

Leonardo Tozzi Pinheiro, CEO of NCC and Vice President of the Brazilian Association for Conformity Assessment (Abrac), highlighted in an interview for the newspaper O Globo – RJ the importance of annual maintenance on gas heaters and also respect for the operational limits described in the equipment manuals, such as the distance from the ventilation area and the characteristics of the chimneys.

Once installed, it is recommended that the heater undergo maintenance by specialized companies, as there are connection cables that can deteriorate over time.

It is also essential that the consumer, when renovating, pay attention to the details of the room in which the device is installed. We need to work on risk awareness to avoid serious problems.

Make aware that the inspection of compliance with the provisions contained in Ordinance No. 182 of 2012 is necessary, and NCC has all the knowledge to attest to the quality of this type of product.

Material subject to amendment(s) in case of change in the ordinance(s). Published: 07.12.21