Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres

Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres

The basic requirements and protection concepts for mechanical equipment installed in explosive are covered by part of ABNT NBR ISO 80079. Examples of non-electrical equipment are couplings, pumps, gearboxes, brakes, hydraulic and pneumatic motors, and any combination of devices for making machines, fans, motors, compressors, assemblies, etc.


Generally, there are two situations where ignition generated by mechanical equipment needs to be considered. These are ignition scenarios caused by mechanical equipment failure, such as bearing overheating, or ignition caused by abnormal operation of mechanical equipment, such as hot braking surfaces.


Potential ignition sources are not limited to those generated by mechanical equipment. Still, they include any ignition source caused by operating equipment, such as hot surfaces pumping hot fluids and electrostatic charge when handling plastic equipment.


Although mechanical equipment is not within the scope of Inmetro Ordinance No. 115, of March 21, 2022 – Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres, in the Conditions of Flammable Gases and Vapors and Combustible Dust, and it is not a mandatory certification, the conformity assessment requirements for this equipment are established by ABNT NBR ISO 80079-36 standards: Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres – Methods and basic requirements and ABNT NBR ISO 80079-37: Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres – Non-electrical protection types: constructive safety “c”, source ignition control “b” and liquid immersion “k”.


Batch Template

In this template, only the assessed manufacturing batch is linked.

Tests are applied on samples taken from a product manufacturing batch and assessment of the equipment’s descriptive documentation. Sampling takes place in 6% of the batch, with a minimum of one unit. When applicable, the rest of the batch shall undergo routine tests according to the standard relevant to the equipment protection type.

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