“For the attention given by the teams with which I had contact, for the noted concern to meet Dynamox’s demands and for the concern to provide a quality service. ”


“They are attentive and serve the company respectfully and wisely. ”

Baterias Panda

“The company is providing excellent Technical/Commercial service, within what we expect in a partnership relationship. ”


“The service is excellent, and the professionals are very qualified. ”


“We have no difficulty dealing with the professionals, from hiring to delivering the certificate. The rigors we face are valuable for our growth, as they are adaptations that we understand to be necessary. Respect for the sequence in the process makes it dependable (quote/acceptance/scheduling/logistics/reports/audit itself). ”


“The service was excellent. We are satisfied with the service and with everyone’s attention. ”

TK Industria

“Knowledge of the team, cordiality, and attention dedicated to the services. ”

Sigmed Equipamentos Eletrônicos Ltda

Knowledge of the team, cordiality, and attention dedicated to the services. ”


“Attentive and helpful company during the homologation processes I participated in. Employees were always available to answer questions and help with any information”

Control iD

“Several years of partnership. Excellent service. Great knowledge of employees about processes and standards”


“Attentive, competent staff, willing to negotiate, and always looking for a better solution for the customer”.

Tecsys do Brasil

“Great service and speed in the certification processes”.

Leroy Merlin

“Very well attended by people who clearly demonstrate professionalism and preparation”.

Robust Comércio Importação e Exportação LTDA

“Impeccable service from the beginning to the end of the process, from the proposal to the certification, everything was smooth! he team is prepared and willing to solve problems!”

Tecnol Elo Meio Ambiente e Consultoria Ltda.

“For the always quick and excellent service, always seeking to help customers, including clarifying the most varied questions. ”

Magna Medical Ltda

“The service provided by the NCC team, as a whole, is excellent! They answer all the questions we have. They are always ready to assist us at any time, always with the utmost politeness, sympathy, and concern for doing the best possible! ”

Solarium Aquecedor

Excellent commercial service. All account managers were very attentive. As for the projects, they were also very helpful and showed full knowledge of the certification process whenever I had questions”.

Red Mobile

“NCC is a reference certifier! ”.

Polar Blinda

“A partner and receptive company, which is always close and ready to clarify questions and guarantee our partnership.”

Alcon Engenharia de Sistemas Ltda.

“Agility and quick response time. ”

LPS Company Ltda.

“NCC has been our partner for years. It always provides qualified, attentive, and punctual service. ”

SDB Metering Sistemas De Medição Ltda.

“Excellent support, answering all questions and advising on the processes, with quick and efficient feedback by email.”


“NCC is an excellent company in what it does with extremely qualified professionals. A transparent, organized company.”

VR Medical Distribuidora e Importadora de Produtos Médicos LTDA.